How Jagan’s Over Confidence Helped TDP?

Y S Jagan

The present political situation in Telugu Desam appears that the party needs to start from scratch because there is no coordination between the leaders and the cadre is absolutely clueless about strengthening the party. Despite the odds, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is touring all over the state while Nara Lokesh is busy with Yuva Galam Paadayatra.

But why are Naidu and Lokesh doing this? Well keeping the illusion aside and talking practically, the situation is worrisome in TDP. This was until the other day and now the TDP has erupted in huge celebrations lighting the fire crackers. What might be the reason for this? Political analysts say that this credit should certainly go to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu but it’s YSRCP chief and AP CM YS Jagan Reddy who helped the TDP indirectly.

In the recently concluded Graduate MLC elections, if the YCP had not intervened, the Telugu Desam would have stayed away. But YCP indulged in threatening politics and deployed its party leaders in the MLC polls.

Seeing YCP’s threatening politics, Telugu Desam entered the poll fray and fielded its candidates. However, TDP offered tickets to only the supporters and they did not use the party symbol. As a result, YCP faced a humiliating defeat in the graduate MLC polls and TDP gained strength.

In the MLA quota MLC polls, the YCP could have secured a comfortable win with an absolute majority of 151 MLAs on its side. But it displayed over confidence that it had the support of rebel TDP MLAs and the only MLA from Jana Sena. Accordingly YCP had announced seven names for the seven MLC seats.

This ill planned political strategy backfired and four YCP MLAs voted for the Telugu Desam. Eventually YCP was defeated, thus instilling enthusiasm in the main opposition party. This is a self-inflicted defeat of the ruling party. Observers say that the ruling party has lost its moral right to criticize the opposition party.