TDP Offered 10 Crore For My Vote – Rapaka

Rapaka Jagan

Even as the MLA quota MLC election was done, the tremors continued and were not in a mood to halt. The latest is rebel Janasena MLA Rapaka Varaprasad, who jumped into ruling YSRCP, made a startling claim and allegation against opposition TDP. Rapaka accused TDP of offering Rs 10 crore for his vote in MLC polls. Rapaka said his close friend KSN Raju was approached by TDP to buy his vote. He said he was directly approached as well and offered 10 crore money for his vote. Rapaka shared this with close aides.

Rapaka, however, maintained that he is not paid by YSRCP for his vote. He said he voluntarily joined the ruling party for development and progress of his Assembly constituency. Rapaka said YSRCP has strength in the Assembly and doesn’t need to buy MLAs from outside. Whereas YSRCP lost one MLC to TDP’s Anuradha.

Rapaka said he is supporting YSRCP but he said he has done it out of love and admiration for CM Jagan. He said he would have made Rs 10 crore for his vote, but he said integrity and loyalty matters him most. Rapaka said several other YCP MLAs were also wooed by TDP to cast their vote for TDP MLC.

Meanwhile, rebel YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy Sreedhar Reddy accused Rapaka and 4 other rebel TDP MLAs for selling their votes to the ruling party to vote for its MLCs. Overall, the MLC election has brought the 2024 general election fever much earlier in Andhra Pradesh.