TDP + Jana Sena: Target Kodali Nani!

In the YCP, Kodali Nani is a force to reckon with. He has retained his Gudivada Assembly seat multiple times, making him unstoppable in his constituency. Additionally, Nani is known for his firebrand nature and retaliates with extremely insensitive language when the opposition criticizes the YCP government or AP CM YS Jagan Reddy. Having said that, the Telugu Desam and Jana Sena are in a fix to defeat the loud-mouthed Nani in his stronghold in the 2024 elections.

Accordingly, both parties are working on strategies. One crucial factor for Kodali Nani’s back-to-back victories in the Gudivada constituency is the support of the Kapu community. This community’s vote bank ranges between 30,000 to 40,000 votes. The BCs, SCs, and STs vote share is close to one lakh, and they have faith in the YCP. However, the deciding factor lies with the Kapu community, and in the previous elections, Kodali Nani won with a majority of 19,000 votes, which were believed to be from the Kapu community, according to poll analysts.

In this context, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) aims to defeat Kodali in Gudivada against all odds. The TDP is considering an alliance with Jana Sena, which is strongly supported by the Kapu community. If the TDP and Jana Sena join hands, there is a high chance that the Kapu community might shift towards their coalition candidate.

Apparently, the Kamma community is also vexed with Kodali Nani due to his ferocious attitude. Political analysts believe that if the Kamma and Kapu communities’ vote banks split, Kodali Nani will face a tough time in the elections.

Thus, TDP’s Ravi Venkateswara Rao, who is considered a suitable contender against Kodali Nani, may come close to defeating him in the elections. However, analysts opine that the elections are still eight to ten months away, and during this period, political equations can drastically change. Either Nani can become stronger or the opposition can gain dominance. It is too early to estimate the Gudivada poll winner for now.”