From Backstabbing to Statue Garlandings – A Joke in Politics” RGV

Ace film director and YCP sympathizer Ram Gopal Varma ridiculed the TDP chief and former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu for his false show of respect and reverence towards TDP founder Late N.T. Rama Rao. It is like stabbing NTR from behind and performing abhishekam with the same blood to his statues, he said.

He made some satirical remarks against the Opposition party leader Naidu. He said that he wanted to share a joke with the audience which happened in Rajahmundry, hinting at the TDP Mini Mahanadu being held in that city. “Even NTR garu, who is in the heaven, might not be understanding whether he has to laugh or cry over this joke.”

Taking a swipe at Naidu, Varma said that the same man who had backstabbed NTR is now garlanding his statue. The first recorded backstabbing in history was by Brutus who killed King Julius Caesar. They were not related to each other but in this case, Naidu is the son-in-law of NTR. Naidu tortured and harassed NTR which led to his death, he said.

The same Naidu is garlanding the statue of NTR now. Is this not a joke, the film director asked.

Naidu tried to explain the reasons behind his backstabbing after the death. “He said that NTR got carried away by his second wife Lakshmi Parvati’s tricks,” Varma reminded.

“There is no need of any CBI investigation or an in-depth inquiry into the incident. Just forget about the probe into it because NTR himself revealed how Naidu betrayed him. During the Second World War, Goebbels said that public memory is short but he did not predict the invention of YouTube. Now, everything is recorded. History cannot be torn off or wiped off.”

At the same time, he tried to drive in rhetoric into NTR’s behavior too. “What does the TDP mean when it says that NTR got drifted away in Lakshmi Parvati’s tricks? Does it mean that a person who had been a CM and led a state does not have brains and just followed Lakshmi Parvati blindly? If that is the case, why is the TDP worshipping him now?”

The TDP is not able to at least take that stance that NTR is brainless, he pointed out, slamming the TDP chief of following double standards.