Sharmila meets DK; Congress and YSRTP to join forces?

Sharmila meets DK

In an interesting development, YS Sharmila, the chief of YSRTP has met Karnataka deputy CM DK Sivakumar on Monday morning. This meeting has called for a huge political debate in Telangana. Apparently this is not the first time that Sharmila met DK and we hear that she met him right after the Karnataka Assembly elections were declared and Congress party emerged victorious.

In the latest meeting Sharmila congratulated Sivakumar on taking charge as the deputy Chief Minister. Both had a discussion on latest political development in Telangana state, is what the media is widely reporting. The other reason is Sharmila has good equations with Sivakumar and this meeting is a mix of personal and political agenda.

Post this meeting, rumours started making waves that Telangana Congress would forge an alliance with YSRTP for the upcoming Assembly elections. Previously when Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi visited Telangana, she reportedly sent a deal-breaker for Sharmila but it was not acknowledged by any from T-Congress and YSRTP.

Also we hear that the Telangana Congress wants to use the legacy of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy in the Assembly elections especially to win the confidence of farmers who form a crucial vote bank. This might be the reason Congress is approaching Sharmila and media reports claim that the talks are moving in a positive direction.

Despite Paadayatra Sharmila’s party did not make much impact in Telangana and so she might well join hands with T-Congress and this alliance can certainly put BRS in the back seat.