Submit ABN, Mahaa TV Debate Footage: Telangana HC

The Telangana High Court made some serious remarks on former judge Ramakrishna while granting anticipatory bail to Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, the prime accused in his uncle and former minister Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy’s murder.

Judge Ramakrishna, who was suspended earlier, alleged that sacks filled with currency were handed over to the judges of Telangana High Court to avoid arrest of Avinash Reddy. He made the allegations while taking part in debates on ABN and Mahaa TV news channels. He alleged that the judges accepted bribe to avoid Avinash Reddy’s arrest by the CBI sleuths. Even some senior journalists participating in the debates gave their own analysis, following the suspended judge’s remarks.

Considering the suspended judge’s remarks seriously, the Telangana HC judge Lakshman directed the court registrar to present the entire footage of the discussions aired on the TV channels before him.

In the ABN channel, BJP leader Wilson and former judge Ramakrishna participated in the debate anchored by senior scribe Parvataneni Venkata Krishna.

Telangana HC Judge Lakshman said that he has respect towards the media but the former Judge’s remarks disturbed him.

It is pertinent to note that the CBI registered cases against 22 people for publishing unfair posts on courts and judges on social media. While some of them were arrested, cases relating to a few others are still under investigation.

Meanwhile, the YS Viveka murder case, being probed by the CBI, is coming up for hearing in the Telangana HC frequently as both the parties are presenting their arguments.

In such a situation, the media agreeing with the former judge’s remarks on corruption by judges has gained significance.