No Use Of ‘Self Dabba’: Seethakka Satire On TRS

Congress MLA from Mulugu Seethakka aka Danasari Anasuya lashed at TRS government in the Assembly and in fact made satirical comments. On 10th of September, a man had attempted suicide before the Assembly and he died while undergoing treatment at Osmania hospital.

When her turn came to address the Assembly, Seethakka mentioned about this incident and questioned why did not the government or any MLA from the ruling party pay their respect to him. “The Telangana government should support the activists and agitators who have fought for separate statehood. Instead, the government appears to be least bothered as the latest incident is evidence,” said Seethakka.

However, this did not go down well with the TRS party and a few members of the Assembly interrupted Seethakka’s speech. Yet she did not lose her cool and silently made satirical comments on the TRS government.

“Every now and then the TRS government says it is doing a good job and achieving many things. If that’s the case, why are people dying and that too in front of the Assembly? The TRS government indulges in a lot of ‘self-dabba’ and on the other hand the reality is different,” added Seethakka.

The deputy Speaker Padma Rao too tried to interrupt Seethakka’s speech but she was successful in making her points clear and that’s why she is a people’s leader, they call.