Naidu’s ‘Delayed Decisions’ Prove Curse To TDP

In these days, when things and services are just a click away and the whole world is on a fast mode, delaying things for long would only lead to frustration and TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu seems to be failing to recognise this fact. Being a political leader having roots in yesteryear, Naidu is known to be a “decision procrastinator” and despite the need to shrug off the old habit, he seems to be finding it hard to go in for the transformation.

The TDP cadre is literally vexed with this attitude of their leader and the party functionaries blamed Naidu’s delayed action for the humiliating defeat in the 2019 general elections. They allege that it was the delay in taking several important decisions by Naidu that culminated in the sad state of affairs in the party and lament that it is proving to be self-destructive.

In the TDP circles, we frequently hear to criticism that Naidu never believes in the party workers, despite announcing that they are the backbone of the party. Politics itself is a game played on people’s trust. However, Naidu seems to stick to his principles and fails to trust anybody in the party.

In 2019 elections, Naidu took a lot of time to decide on finalising the candidates for nearly 50 Assembly constituencies in the state and even after taking decision following heavy brainstorming, there was dissidence among the party leaders and the TDP also suffered a humiliating defeat.

Naidu kept delaying decision about candidates for Bapatla, Tiruvuru, Naidadavole, Kovvur, Nellore Rural, Nellore MP seat, Vijayawada (West), Guntur (East), Narsaraopet MP seat till the last minute and this even led to group politics in those places and rival groups became instrumental in the defeat of the party candidates. However, these bitter experiences failed to have brought about the much-needed change in Naidu.

Now, the party needs young and energetic leaders who can take the party’s policies to the masses and at the same time, strive for strengthening the party. Further, with Naidu taking a back seat due to geriatric issues, Lokesh Babu needs to be projected as the new icon of the party. Even this has to be done by young leaders.

Sensing the need for young leaders in the party, Naidu, after 4 months of 2019 general elections, vowed to reserve 33 per cent of the party posts to the youth and many budding politicians pinned hopes on the promise.

But, Naidu seems to have got mired in the conundrum of ‘delayed decision’, much to the cadre’s chagrin. As a result, many young leaders, failing to see light at the end of the tunnel, are switching loyalties to the YSRCP. Even the senior leaders in the party are worried over the future of TDP with the mindset of their leader.

Hope, there will be some enlightenment on Naidu that can herald transformation in the seasoned politician.

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