KCR : I Won’t Surrender To Centre

Telangana CM KCR has yet again breathed fire on the Centre. Alleging that the Centre is trying to “destabilize” state governments, he accused the BJP of trying to “bulldoze” regional parties that are in power.

He alleged that BJP succeeded in doing so in Goa, Karnataka while it failed to do so in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. KCR said he had got the Telangana state braving against all odds and braving his own life. He said he wouldn’t surrender to the Centre at any cost.

KCR alleged that BJP is a useless government and accused them of telling lies. “They say 99% lies,” said CM KCR. He added that the Centre is not pro-people government. He said the Centre has been ignoring Telangana. KCR stated that the Centre hasn’t helped the new state Telangana in any way.

Interestingly, CM KCR claimed that BJP has pressurised TRS to support farm bills and electricity reform bills and approached through a lot of prominent people. KCR said TRS didn’t support Agricultural and Power Bills as farmers would lose heavily due to these bills.