One Arrest Killed Two Parties?

Anyone with a functioning brain can comprehend that Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest prior to the election was grossly underplayed by the outgoing YS Jagan government in Andhra Pradesh. By the time Jagan realized the effect of Naidu’s arrest, his party came crumbling down and got restricted to just 11 seats in the AP assembly.

However, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YCP wasn’t the only party to face the brunt of the backlash for Naidu’s arrest. The other one is BRS chief KCR who lost the Telangana election in 2023. For those wondering how, here is a brief look at it.

Immediately after Naidu’s arrest, KTR tried to downplay he issue and in turn hurt the sentiments of TDP cadres as he said TDP supporters must go to AP to protest and refrain from disturbing peace in Telangana.

KTR’s comment snowballed fatally and it resulted in TDP loyalists and sympathizers in Telangana putting their heart and soul into the Congress Party’s campaign. The TDP cadres anyway had one of their previous firebrands, Revanth Reddy leading the charge for Congress so they worked with double the motivation. In many segments, TDP cadres carried Congress flags and worked for the party, out of sheer spite for BRS.

Again, by the time KTR and BRS realized the public acceptance CBN had and the effect of his arrest, BRS ended up losing the election. It was clear that the Telangana people also didn’t accept KTR disrespecting a man like Chandrababu who did so much for Hyderabad.

In the end, Chandrababu’s arrest ended up killing two parties, not just any parties, but the ruling parties of AP and Telangana which won earlier elections by a huge margin. There is no better way to describe Chandrababu’s mass outreach than these two examples.