TDP’s Cabinet Ministers – Perfect Choice!

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has been making significant strides in the recent elections, securing a massive majority in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly through their alliance with Janasena and BJP.

As Narendra Modi prepares to form the government at the centre, several names are being considered for Cabinet minister positions. Two such names from TDP are Rammohan Naidu and Dr. Chandrasekhar Pemmasani.

Rammohan Naidu, the youngest MP from the TDP, has already won two elections and is now set to win his third. His extensive political experience has earned him widespread respect, making him a strong contender for a Cabinet minister position.

His appointment is not opposed by any, as he has demonstrated his ability to navigate the political terrain effectively; Moreover, his command of English and Hindi is stunning.

Dr Chandrasekhar Pemmasani, an MP-elect from Guntur, is a first-time politician. Despite his lack of political experience, he is an entrepreneur and the richest MP in the Lok Sabha.

His business acumen and understanding of management principles have led some to suggest that he might be better equipped to handle certain portfolios than senior politicians who lack such experience. As he happens to be a Doctor, it looks like ‘Health Minister of State’ is likely to be the portfolio for him.

While Rammohan Naidu’s extensive political experience has earned him widespread respect, Dr Chandrasekhar Pemmasani’s appointment will be hailed for his academics and experience in the field of health.

These two seem to be perfect choices so far. We have to see which other MPs will get some plum posts in the BJP-led NDA cabinet in New Delhi.