Vijayasai Reddy Gives Hidden Hint To BJP

Vijayasai Reddy Talks To Jagan

The YSR Congress camp is shattered after the horrendous performance in this year’s assembly elections. The party secured just 11 MLA seats and doesn’t even have opposition party status in the AP assembly. In fact, it is not even the second biggest party in AP, as this place has gone to Janasena which has 21 MLA seats.

At a time when the relevance of the YSR Congress is in question, good ties with the central BJP are of quintessential importance for the party. Aware of this situation, Vijayasai Reddy who contested and badly failed from the Nellore parliamentary segment has indirectly announced full support to NDA.

“Our objective is to protect the interest of the state, of the people of the state and the country. Whichever bill comes into the parliament and the govt would like to pass, if it will be by the constitution and intends to protect the interest of the people of the country and state, we will support that.” Vijayasai Reddy stated in front of media today as he appeared to soft support the NDA government and hinted their bills would be strengthened by YCP.

Even when YCP had 21 MPs and was ruling AP, they unequivocally supported BJP in the parliament, so it is only a formality that the party supports NDA in this hour of internal crisis. If Jagan can play his 11 Rajya Sabha MPs and 4 MPs cards safely, then he might continue to be in the good books of Modi and the NDA camp, said a seasoned political analyst.