Naidu’s First Ever Media Meet: “Cleansing Began”

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced important changes in Tirumala, emphasizing a crackdown on wrongdoers and a focus on cleanliness and order.

During a visit to Tirumala Srivaru with his family, he credited Sri Venkateswara Swamy for his recent electoral success and survival during a past attack.

Naidu highlighted his administration’s achievements since he first became Chief Minister in 1995, mentioning the implementation of financial reforms with divine blessings.

He criticized the previous five years for creating fear among the public and pledged to remove all elements of criminality and disorder in Tirumala.

He vowed that those who disrespected the holy Tirumala and Lord Balaji would face consequences and the wrongdoers were already punished.

In his first-ever meeting with the media after taking oath as CM, Chandrababu outlined his vision for Tirumala’s future, focusing on improving cleanliness and the distribution system of prasadam.

Naidu reaffirmed his commitment to completing key projects like the capital Amaravati and Polavaram and expressed a deep commitment to eliminating economic inequalities in Andhra Pradesh and transforming it into a poverty-free state.