Oora Mass Response For Naidu’s Secretariat Rally

Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is returning to the Andhra Pradesh secretariat as the chief minister after having challenged in the assembly that he would return only as a CM. This return is historically significant for TDP and the same can be seen if we look at the rally orchestrated by TDP cadres locally.

Naidu went on a rally to the secretariat for a stretch of 14 kilometers and the public, including the Amaravati farmers made sure their leader got a stellar welcome.

Almost the entire stretch of Naidu’s mega rally was laced with a huge public turnout. The roads were filled with flowers by energetic TDP cadres. The “Pushpa Daari” that was arranged for the new CM seemed to have touch Chandrababu as well.

Naidu got on the sun-roof of his car and greeted the public who turned up big time to show their support to him. This sight is catching all the attention on social media and expectedly so. The oora mass response that Naidu got is becoming a topic of discussion.