Somavaaram-Polavaram : Babu Is Back!

The Polavaram project is one of the most elongated state-funded water projects in all of India. While the YCP government promised to complete the project in their tenure, this didn’t happen and the construction and assembly is still ongoing.

But with the onset of the new Chandrababu-led government in AP, the Polavaram project is likely to be fast-tracked. Chandrababu already appears to be working on fast-tracking the project as he is set to resume the famous Somavaaram-Polavaram project, which was in effect during his tenure between 2014-19.

As a part of this program, CM Naiu will be touring the Polavaram project every Monday and get real-time updates on the project. With the CM himself directly being present on site, the construction works are beyond to be fast-tracked and this is exactly what Naidu is aiming for.

Naidu had already scheduled a visit to Polavaram this Monday and this will mark the resumption of the earlier-mentioned program.