Govinda Govinda.. – Raja Singh on Jagan’s Defeat

After the YSRCP’s demoralising electoral defeat in the recent assembly elections of Andhra Pradesh, all hands are being pointed at YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for implementing various bad policies that led to the downfall of his government.

One of the biggest reasons for the defeat is attributed to the mishandling the administration of Tirumala temple, which is the most sacred and holy place for Hindus.

Firebrand BJP leader of Telangana and Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh, who often makes headlines with his controversial statements, is the latest to condemn Jagan’s anti-Hindu policies during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Raja Singh went on an offensive again Jagan and his government for resorting to unholy decisions with regard to Tirumala and said that hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus is the reason why YSRCP faced a humiliating defeat in the elections. He lamented that Jagan destroyed Hindu temples in the last five years.

Raja Singh, through a video byte, made scathing remarks on Jagan Mohan Reddy for spoiling the sanctity of the holy place by appointing non-Hindus for various crucial positions in it.

He lashed out at the previous government for subjecting Hindus to agony and trauma by encouraging anti-religious activities in Tirumala. He said Jagan did a huge mistake by nominating converted Christians for various posts from TTD Chairman to EO.

Raja Singh said Jagan lost in the elections because of divine intervention for his misdeeds. He reiterated that he warned Jagan on this matter earlier. He congratulated Chandra Babu Naidu and his government for the thumping victory and requested him to overhaul the entire administration in Tirumala by nominating only Hindus for jobs and nominated posts in the temple.