Hero Responds, Wins Hearts Of Chirala

Tollywood actor Nikhil Siddhartha, who has been busy with a series of movies, is currently engrossed in the shoot of the large-scale period movie ‘Swayambhu’. However, in the recently held Andhra Pradesh elections, Nikhil’s uncle, MM Kondaiah, contested from TDP in Chirala and secured a significant victory as an MLA.

Before the elections, Nikhil campaigned for his uncle MM Kondaiah in the Chirala constituency of Andhra Pradesh. Nikhil is known for being active on social media and frequently reacts to various topics. He has been addressing numerous issues related to Chirala ever since he started supporting his uncle’s campaign.

Recently, a resident of Puvadavari Vedi in Chirala took to ‘X’ and tagged Chirala Municipality and Swachh Bharat, complaining about garbage piling up in front of their apartment, which is located near the old Surya Hospital road in Chirala. The resident alleged that people are continuously dumping garbage on the road, causing a foul smell, and requested that the garbage spot be relocated.

Even though actor Nikhil was not tagged in the post, he immediately cleaned up the area. He responded to the post, saying, “Hello Jaya Chandra. We took immediate action on this and got it cleared. #Chirala.” Reportedly, he spoke to his uncle and sent municipal staff to clean it up. Nikhil also shared photos of the municipality staff cleaning up ‘X.’

Ever since Nikhil had the area cleaned, he has received a lot of praise from netizens. Actor Nikhil has assured that any problems in Chirala brought to his notice will be resolved.

With this noble initiative, fans of Nikhil are waiting to see if he has any plans to join politics in the future.