Return The Furniture: AP Govt. Writes To Jagan

Two of the main factors that have been demoralizing the YCP cadres after the historic defeat in the recent election are the Rushikonda Palace and the government furniture that is being used by Jagan in a private capacity. The furniture that was bought by Jagan during his time as the CM is now being used for his personal purposes at his camp office and this has resulted in adequate reaction from the government.

The government of Andhra Pradesh, through the General Administrative Department has written a letter to ex-CM Jagan regarding the furniture.

The GAD mentioned that Jagan must return the furniture that was bought through the state exchequer’s money which is illicitly being used by him now for his personal activities.

The GAD appealed to Jagan to surrender the furniture at the earliest as it is government property and it’s against the regulation to use it for personal purposes.

While the YCP has been saying the government must quote the bill for he furniture and they would clear it, the new government appears to be firm on getting back the furniture back at any cost.