Deputy CM On Duty! Does A Oke Okkadu Feat

Andhra Pradesh’s Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan today hosted a ‘Praja Darbar’ outside the Janasena office in Tadepalli, and a few families met him with their grievances. A woman and his family met the Minister to bring his notice that a minor girl (studying intermediate) went missing almost 8 months ago, but police are not doing anything.

Though police knew about the whereabouts of the girl, they haven’t responded properly, the family alleged. Pawan immediately called Machavaram CI and directed him to take action. Not just that, he sent the victim’s family to the police station in his party’s own vehicle, along with some leaders. This incident has drawn comparisons to the movie “Oke Okkadu,” where the hero Arjun becomes one day Chief Minister. Right now Pawan’s man-of-action behavior has become a talking point. 

Pawan Kalyan’s hands-on approach to addressing the concerns of the common people has earned him praise from the public, who see it as his dedication to the people’s welfare. His direct intervention in cases like missing girls is also proving that his previous speeches at Varahi Yatra and other meetings are not just words.