Nara Lokesh As IT Minister: Historic Challenges Await

Nara Lokesh IT mInister

While Nara Lokesh is no stranger to the IT ministry as he held the portfolio between 2014-19, he faces his most significant challenge this term. There is an underlying impression that the bygone YCP government terrorized potential investors over the last 5 years and Lokesh will now have to erase this image and bring back the business-friendly image that AP had earlier.

While Lokesh won the “Skoch Person Of The Year” award in 2018 for his exemplary work in the IT sector, this didn’t transcend into electoral prospects as Lokesh ended up losing the immediate next election. But this time, Lokesh has the clear-cut backing of the Mangalagiri voters and he has the responsibility to prove himself on the big stage.

Lokesh has a rich precedent of having brought in several investments in the IT sector to AP during his tenure between 2014-19 and that was signified through the multiple central government awards he secured then. He will have to exceed these milestones this term.

For starters, AP must be healing already having gone from “Kodi Guddu” IT minister Gudivada Amarnath to a hardworking and imaginative Nara Lokesh.

Lokesh took charge as the IT minister of Andhra Pradesh today and signed the file regarding the mega DSC file to hire 16,347 candidates, which is to be presented in front of the cabinet today. He opened his account with this mega file today and we will have to sign many such files over the next 5 years to make his mark irrevocable.