Undavalli’s Take: CM Jagan Vs Justice Ramana

Former Lok Sabha MP and political analyst Undavalli Arun Kumar has responded on CM Jagan’s controversial letter to Chief Justice of India and the implications followed. Undavalli said the whole discussion on the issue was about Jagan’s administration revealing it publicly rather than the complaining letter. He said Jagan’s administration could have done a better job. However, he added that Jagan might have his strategy behind making it public.

Undavalli said this is first of its kind as the advisor to CM has called for a press conference against a Supreme Court justice. He said Jagan needs BJP’s support in the whole issue. He indicated that the Centre may help Jagan if it wants. Undavalli said Jagan has been supporting BJP in all the bills it has introduced in the Parliament. He said Jagan needs support of MPs and parliament as the issue is between legislature and judiciary. However, Undavalli is not sure whether BJP would standby Jagan in the issue or not.

Undavalli also said that the allegations against Justice NV Ramana were not new. Undavalli maintained that there was no wrong in buying lands and everyone who would come across that capital was coming in Amaravati had bought lands in the capital region. He asked whether there was any evidence against NV Ramana giving money to his daughter to buy land in Amaravati. He also said why there is fuss about the lands now as there is no capital in Amaravati now.

Meanwhile, Undavalli also opined that courts should not issue gag orders in all such issues and should act only based on the important topics. He also cited precedents such as former CM Neelam Sanjeevaiah’s complaint against then Justices and where the issue has finally ended. On the whole, Undavalli has neither supported Jagan nor opposed Jagan. He maintained his neutral stand point.

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