KCR’s Adopted Daughter Gets Engaged

Remember Pratyusha, the young girl who was brutally harassed by her step-mother and father? With the help of locals, the media made this a sensation and it caught the attention of Telangana CM KCR. Having seen her plight, KCR had announced that he is adopting her and would take care of her education and stuff.

Keeping his promise, CM KCR asked IAS officer Raghunandan Rao to do the necessary measures. The woman and child welfare department stepped into action and after recovering from the physical assault, Pratyusha has done her nursing with government funding. Currently she is working as a nurse in a hospital and on Sunday she stepped into a new phase of life.

Pratyusha got engaged and her would-be is Charan Reddy who is said to be a private employee. Learning about Pratyusha’s engagement, reportedly KCR has called her to Pragathi Bhavan and as per her wish about marriage, KCR said okay.

Social welfare department made the arrangements for the engagement and CM KCR informed Pratyusha that he would definitely attend the wedding. Pratyusha is very happy that KCR has looked after her all these years and she hopes to lead a happy one with his blessings.

A tragedy can change things and Pratyusha who was living a hell at one point of time, is now happy and all set for a bright future.

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