YCP Leader Calls Revanth a Delivery Boy, Case Filed

In YSR Congress’s post-election analysis sessions, Telangana CM Revanth Reddy has emerged as a primary target. This sentiment was starkly evident during a heated debate on Sakshi TV, where YCP spokesperson Nagarjuna Yadav launched a scathing attack on Revanth.

During the media session, Yadav referred to Revanth as a “Zomato, Swiggy delivery boy who doesn’t have the stature to occupy the CM chair.”

“Vadu(Revanth) oka delivery boy… Vaadiki CM chair meeda kurchone arhatha unda.” The spokesperson said in Telugu. “He doesn’t even know how to read a G.O. or related documents. A delivery boy is now sat on the CM chair and this is how bad the political scenario is.” this Nagarjuna said.

While the YCP spokesperson’s verbal assault on Revanth went beyond bounds, the anchor appeared concerned and attempted to intervene unsuccessfully. Yadav continued venting his frustrations towards the Telangana CM.

While frustration within the YCP towards direct opponents like Chandrababu, Pawan, and Lokesh is understandable, criticizing the Telangana CM in such a manner is unwarranted. Reports indicate that Telangana Congress leaders have filed a police complaint against the YCP spokesperson for his inflammatory remarks.

This incident follows Revanth’s recent visit to Andhra Pradesh, where he pledged to campaign for Sharmila in the event of a by-election in Kadapa. He also expressed hopes of seeing Sharmila as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2029, which seems to have unsettled the YCP base.