Naidu’s Criticism Is Blessing In Disguise For Jagan

The TDP’s over enthusiasm to bring disrepute to the ruling YCP in Andhra Pradesh is proving counterproductive. From the day the TDP suffered a humiliating defeat in the 2019 general elections, the party national president N. Chandrababu Naidu had been criticising the ruling YCP president and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. He had been taking Jagan’s name very frequently and slamming him for every little mistake or mishap in the state. Be it a press conference or zoom call with his party functionaries, the TDP chief had never forgotten to mention Jagan’s name and charge him with some misdeed.

The continuous chanting of Jagan’s name is being criticised not just by the public but even by the TDP cadre too. Is there a need for Naidu to keep a vigil on Jagan’s movement and make derisive statements on every trivial issue? It is true that the TDP is the opposition party in the state and there is every need to point out the mistakes of the ruling party. Naidu, being a veteran in politics, should try to confine himself to criticism on major issues. He should restrict himself to constructive criticism, the party leaders felt.

Lose credence

Any aberration in any corner of the state is prompting Naidu to call for a press meet and launch a tirade against Jagan. Be it any political party at the helm of affairs, there will some or the other issue in the state over which the CM cannot have control and Naidu should have known about this through his experience. In such a case, why should he keep ranting against the YCP, questioned the TD leaders.

In Punganur, Chittoor district, a SC youth died and the TDP cried hoarse about it. However, during investigation, the brother of the deceased said that he died of ill health. Similarly, a farmer in the capital region too breathed his last recently. Naidu and his son, Lokesh, took to Twitter alleging that the farmer died with a broken heart frustrated over the uncertainty on Amaravati. However, the farmer’s daughter said that there was no truth in Lokesh’s allegations and that her father’s demise had no connection with the Amaravati stir. Then did not Naidu and Lokesh lose their credibility?

Having learnt from these lessons, the TDP supremo should be able to take victory and defeat in a sportive manner. Political observers feel that Naidu should be able to think of means to strengthen the TDP as the opposition party and try to tell his cadre about the action plan for it.

Listen more to resolve

It will be much better if he can try to listen more than passing orders and be involved in top-bottom communication. Listening to others will help Naidu understand the problems at the grass roots-level and try to make amends. He should be able to analyse the situation in the party without any apprehensions and only then would he be able to find solutions to them, say political analysts.

The biggest asset of TDP is its cadre who keep moving among the people. Being the leader of such a strong party, he can try to identify leaders who can influence opinion makers and try to give more prominence to them so that they can regain people’s confidence. Giving powers to those who can influence people will in turn, strengthen the party.

In fact, Naidu should be able to realise that his unnecessary criticism against Jagan is only giving him extra political mileage and is serving to be a blessing in disguise.

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