Religion Converted Shouldn’t Avail Caste Reservation – Raju

YSRCP defiant MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju has responded to the criticism and protest from the section of Christian community. Amidst hue and cry from a section over his comments on “religious conversions” and “reservations”, Raju said his comments are only about a section of people who changed their religion and are still enjoying the benefit of reservations of their caste through Hindu community.

He said those “converted” are “taking away opportunities and reservations” of Hindu brothers and sisters. Raju said that he was not against the original Christians. Raju further stated that he is aware of those who were behind the protests of the community. Displaying the photo of a protest from the community, he showed that some in the protests have “Bindi”.

Talking about the Polavaram Project issue and reduction of Centre’s funds, Raju demanded the intervention of CM Jagan in the issue. He expressed that people may believe in the allegations of the opposition parties who accused CM Jagan of not raising his voice owing to the ongoing cases against him.

He also reiterated Jagan’s comments as Opposition leader where he had asked whether the state government can’t build Polavaram Project without the assistance of the Centre. Raju said people are asking the YSRCP leaders the same question now.

Raju stated that the party may suspend or expel him soon. He said the party may take action against him in a few days. He said CM Jagan is being “misguided” by some party leaders. Raju said he is prepared for the consequences and he said he is only trying to correct the mistakes of the government for a larger cause

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