Annayya Would Have Become CM : ‘Thammudu’ Pawan

‘Thammudu’ Pawan Kalyan made interesting comments about his big brother Chiranjeevi and his politics. Pawan, who landed in Tirupati yesterday to visit the farmers of the cyclone-hit villages in Rayalaseema, has addressed his party cadre during which he made some striking statements on his brother Chiranjeevi and his erstwhile Praja Rajyam Party.

 Pawan said that he was actively involved in PRP’s affairs in the party’s initial days. “Sometimes, we need to look back and introspect to correct the present and be better prepared for the future,” Pawan said, as he went on to talk about how Tirupati had played a crucial role in Chiru’s political journey.

“Annayya became an MLA and later a union minister from this very constituency. He was a very powerful leader, and nearly 10 lakh people had attended PRP’s launch event in Tirupati. This was unprecedented in the United Andhra Pradesh. Even Telangana people took trains to attend the party’s launch,” Pawan said.

“We need to introspect why, after a mighty start, we failed to establish both PRP and Annayya. Today, AP would’ve seen a powerful CM had annayya continued in politics,” said the Janasena chief. He also said that it takes at least Rs 1,000 crores to launch a party in today’s money-driven politics.

“But I believe that it’s not money but a powerful ideology, strong determination and spirited personality to fight for that ideology that are strongly needed in politics,” Pawan added, inspiring the party members to correct the past mistakes and strengthen the party from the roots.