I Don’t Have Any Disease: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has rubbished rumours surrounding his health. Shah said he is “healthy” and discharging all his responsibilities as the Home Minister. “I want to make it clear that I am completely healthy and do not suffer from any disease,” Amit Shah wrote on his Twitter.

55-year-old politician from Gujarat and right-hand man of PM Narendra Modi said some people on social media are busy spreading rumours about his health. Shah said he is clarifying the rumours as people and many BJP workers have expressed concern about his health over the last two days. “I request people to stop indulging in such talks and let me do my work, they should also go about their business,” he added.

A fake tweet earlier had gone viral which read Amit Shah saying he has “bone cancer”. This led to wide spread of rumours on Shah’s health. “In fact, many have tweeted even wishing for my death,” Amit Shah said in his post on Twitter. He said he is quite busy performing his duties as Home Minister as the country is battling with deadly Corona Virus. So far, the country reported 59,662 positive cases and 1981 deaths.

On concluding note, Amit Shah thanked all his well-wishers and BJP workers for their concern on his health. Shah signed off by saying he has no hatred towards those who spread the rumours.