Kejriwal’s Daughter Cheated By An Online Scammer; Loses 34K

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter Harshita Kejriwal allegedly got cheated on a whopping Rs 34,000 to a fraudster while trying to sell a second-hand sofa set on a portal.

One should be very careful with scams and frauds these days and unfortunately, Harshita fell victim to these scams. Coming into details, Harshita had put up a second-hand sofa set for sale on a popular website and the fraudster approached Harshita pretending to show interest in buying it.

Both the fraudster and Harshita spoke and finalised a deal. Just like anyone would do, the man sent some amount to Harshita’s bank account to check and verify her bank account details. He then sent a QR code and asked her to scan it. He said only then she will receive the remaining money.

When she scanned the code, a total of Rs 20,000 got debited from her account. She immediately confronted the man on the phone about it. He told her that he sent a wrong bar code and it was a mistake. Along with apologies, he sent another code and asked her to follow the same procedure for receiving the money. When she scanned the code, she lost another Rs 14,000.

The modern era that we live makes us inevitable to escape from online Payments and transactions. We should be alert in order to avoid falling prey to these scams occurring online. Since the whole cheating procedure comes under the umbrella of Cyber Crime, Harshita approached the Civil Lines police station and lodged a complaint.

The police have registered a case of cheating and are currently searching for the fraudster. “Based on the complaint received, we have registered an FIR under the relevant sections of the IPC. An investigation has been initiated and we are trying to trace the suspect,” a police officer said.