How Can We Stop Migrant Workers? – SC

Thousands of migrant workers all over the country are reaching their native places in this lockdown with no work. Daily we have been seeing workers on the roads and railway tracks. Getting tired of walking all day, migrant workers are sleeping on the train tracks and losing lives.

Regarding the migrant workers, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court that respective state governments should provide food and shelter to them. Taking up this petition, the Supreme Court made disappointing comments.

The advocate general on behalf of Centre argued that the government has taken all the measures to move migrant workers. But they need to wait for their turn. Many are in no mood to wait and are taking their own route to reach their places. Even if the government stops them, unprecedented circumstances may occur.

After listening these arguments, Supreme Court said, how is it possible to avoid the train mishap when migrant workers sleep on the tracks? In fact state governments should take necessary steps to prevent such incidents and dismissed the petition.

We were hearing reports of pregnant ladies walking hundreds of kilometers and are evening delivering babies on the highways. At least for the sake of women, the court should have directed states to take necessary steps to prevent migrant workers from taking their route.