Now AP Complains Against TS At Krishna Tribunal

About ten days back, the Telangana government has complained against AP government at the Krishna River Board Tribunal over the Rayalaseema irrigation projects. Based on the complaint, Krishna Tribunal had written to AP government and asked an explanation.

On Monday, AP irrigation officials met Krishna Tribunal incharge chairman Chandrasekhar Iyer. In this meeting, AP officials have explained the details of G.O. 203 and then complained against irrigation projects of Telangana.

The AP officials reportedly raised objections over five projects initiated by Telangana government and added all these projects are against the AP Bifurcation Act. “Complaints were raised against these projects in the past and the Centre has asked the DPR from Telangana. Yet the Telangana government did not submit any DPR to the Centre,” informed the officials to Krishna Tribunal.

Shockingly the AP officials did not speak to the media after the meeting and left the place without a comment.