We Are Still Close and Together: KCR About Jagan

Telangana CM KCR is not mincing with words in any of his media meets. During his media meet to brief on lockdown, relaxations, and coronavirus cases, KCR also spoke about the water-sharing conflict between two Telugu states.

The Telangana CM reacted for the first time on rumors about his friendship with Jagan on rocks. There were several reports in media that all is not well between KCR and Jagan due to the ongoing exchange of allegations and complaints with water-sharing. KCR now rubbished all of them, actually pretty clearly.

Stating that he will be straight forward and won’t be sparing any obstacles that could trouble the benefit of Telangana people, KCR also said that everything is fine with YS Jagan. When asked about the cracks in his friendship with Jagan, due to water-war, KCR underlined that they are very much friends, and are still together. KCR also asked of ‘somebody’ is not happy with their friendship and bonding.

KCR clarified that he has complete knowledge on projects in Telangana and the government is constructing the projects within the boundaries and abiding by the law. KCR said he mentioned earlier too about Rayalaseema needs water and that should be diverted from Godavari’s surplus waters.

KCR said he always wanted to share water between the two states and recalled how Chandrababu went on war with challenges during his regime in AP and could not win over even with 1 TMC. KCR explained that he went seven times to convince Maharashtra CM and managed to get 100 TMCs water through Kaleswaram.

The Telangana CM concluded that there is no scope for cheap politics and talks here. He reiterated that everything is fine between him and Jagan, before saying that it will be a fight for a fight unless both sides go by the law.