Sorry No Chance Of Liquor – KCR

While the extension of lock down for 16 more days imminent after 21 day-long lockdown, all eyes of many are on allowing liquor supply or lifting curb on liquor in a phased manner. When asked about the same, CM KCR gently turned down the idea. He said, “Sorry. No chance of liquor.” KCR added that one has to bear with this situation till the lock down exists.

Liquor not only accounts to chunk of state government’s revenue, it is also a habit and part of life style for lakhs of people. For the past few days, pressure has been mounting on CM and cabinet from various corners over allowing permissible amount of liquor sale.

But considering that this could defeat the whole purpose of lockdown and could even give a scope for the spread of virus as people may fail to follow the social distancing may be in rush or may in inebriated condition. Considering all these aspects, Telangana state government said a strict no to liquor sale.

Meanwhile, talking about the economy, CM KCR has requested Prime Minister for a list of things for the Centre’s support to the states. Reiterating that the states are cash-strapped, CM KCR opined that Quantitative Easing (QE) could be a good option.

He asked the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to come forward and assess the situation and release some amount into the market through the governments under QE method in order to bail out government and people from the crisis.

Citing that America’s Federal Bank has given QE accounting for 10 percent amounting to 2 trillion dollars which was already pumped into their system and British’s Bank of London has announced 15 percent of UK’s GDP as QE, KCR said RBI should also assess our GDP and come up with some percentage of QE. KCR said India’s GDP assessed for FY 19-20 is approximately 203,00,000 crores and even if 5 percent of it is released it would be estimated to be around 10,00,000 crores.

CM KCR asked the Prime Minister to come to the rescue of the informal and unorganised sector, industrial workers and middle-class families who lack ration card and farmers who demanding the governments to buy their crops.

Talking about the education sector, CM KCR said all the students from first class to ninth class would be promoted to the next class without exams. He said a decision about 10th class exams would be taken soon. On the whole, CM KCR’s press briefing over lock down extension is impressive and he scores the brownie points yet again.

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