Why Lockdown Shifted To May 3rd from Apr 30?Covid-19

Almost all the media reports and almost all the state governments had information that the lockdown would be extended till April 30th which was fair and all were prepared for this sort of lockdown extension since the situation is only worsening.

However, no one had predicted before Modi’s address to nation that he had different plan. Instead of extending upto April 30th, Prime Minister went a step further and stated that the lockdown would be in force until May 3rd. This has come as a shocker to many including media houses who didn’t expect this.

It is learnt that this information has been kept highly confidential and no one leaked to media or any state governments as it could leak to media. This has been kept confidential at the top brass of Union Government. Until Modi himself announced, this was kept as secret.

The main reasons for this May 3rd deadlineis, May 1st is naturally a holiday being Labour Day. May 2nd and May 3rd are Saturday and Sunday respectively where most private jobs have holidays.

Since lifting lockdown on April 30th could lead public to come out free in large numbers on May 1st, 2nd and May 3rd had the lockdown is lifted on April 30th and this could defeat the purpose of lockdown as there could be further spread of Corona positive cases, Prime Minister and Home Ministry have extended the lockdown to 3 more days and kept May 3rd as the deadline.

If the relief would come on May 4th or not would purely depend on then circumstances. But given the stern measures being taken up by Union Government and respective state governments across the nation, it is expected that the Corona could come into absolute control as all the positive cases could come to standstill if lockdown is strictly implemented. But this is just an idea. One has to wait and watch as no one could predict what is going to happen in coming days.