Video: Police Swing Lathis On Thousands For Defying Lockdown

Among them, some wanted to go home and some wanted food. Thousand turned up at Bandra station to revolt against the lockdown extension up to the third day of May. Police had to use their lathis to make them disperse, only after warning them multiple times. Meanwhile, the virus scare, social distancing and other measures were totally forgotten. Chaos it was.

The huge crowd mostly migrant workers gathered at Bandra station to protest against the lock down-extension and there were people from slums close to that area demanding food. Maharashtra has the most number of coronavirus cases than any other state in India and the number is fast rising up.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said the people over there thought the trains would start and they could go home. The CM asked the people not to speculate and asked rumor mongers to stop playing with the emotions of poor people. The daily labor and migrant workers were badly hit due to the lockdown.