Telangana Lockdown: Too Little; Too Late?

The colossal spike in covid cases in India left all states except Telangana imposed full or partial lockdowns in order to curb the virus. However, Telangana being the only state with no kind of lockdown, the High Court directed the state government to impose lockdown as soon as possible. Thus, in the wake of the sudden surge in coronavirus cases, the Telangana government on Tuesday decided to impose full lockdown in the state from Wednesday, May 12, 2021, for at least 10 days to break the chain of the virus. 

The lockdown during the first wave slowed the pandemic.  But the trajectory of the second wave is more severe and even the common public preferred a complete lockdown this time to protect themselves from the fatal infection. It is also believed that no-lockdown is the main reason to turn a bad situation into an inevitably worse one.

Moreover, the Telangana government has imposed a lockdown only for ten days, which can be too little duration for the aggressive pandemic to vanish. The already late act by the government, for various reasons like affecting revenues, collapsing businesses and deprive people of their daily income and livelihood have somehow triggered the cases. The too late and too little lockdown of Telangana this time is leaving us perplexed over the future not turning bleak.

The mini lockdown is also raising questions about making things any better. As per KCR. lockdown will affect industries and their workers. But, we are left with no other solution. In fact, what we are living in must be the last option with nothing more nightmarish to even imagine. It somehow gives a sigh of relief to learn that the government have felt the best way to ensure people have minimal contact with each other is to order a total lockdown. In conclusion, the lockdown can also be labelled as ‘too little; too late’ in this grim situation. 

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