Harish Rao To Get Health Ministry?

Post dropping Eatala Rajender from the health ministry, CM KCR has kept the portfolio with himself. Immediately there were some rumours that Telangana’s first health ministry C Laxma Reddy might get a second chance. This discussion happened within the TRS party but what’s in KCR’s mind is something no one has any clue.

Under these circumstances, one more rumour is making noise that the health ministry might be allotted to Harish Rao. The Siddipet MLA is already handling the Finance portfolio which is more of an office work of sorts.

Strengthening these rumours, on Wednesday KCR had directed Harish to grace the Covid-19 review meeting with Union Health ministry Harshavardhan. Following the instructions, Harish attended the meeting and took the inputs from the central minister and later conveyed the same to KCR.

Apparently KCR is said to be in no mood to go for cabinet expansion in near future and wants to run the government with current cabinet members. If the expansion is planned, many aspirants would pop up and if anyone is ignored unnecessary upset it would cause is what KCR might be assuming.

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