KCR To Taste First Telangana Apple

Telangana CM KCR is hell bent on imposing his agenda on farmers on what to cultivate so that there will be a diverse crops in the state. KCR’s vision got a first step with a tribal farmer from Asifabad. This farmer identified as Kendre Balaji and he cultivated apples in his farm located at Dhanora village in Kerameri mandal

Balaji who was the winner of Best Farmer Award 2017, started farming apples since four years. He broke the myth that apples can be grown only in cold temperatures and learned that a variety of apples in Himachal Pradesh are cultivated at 40 degrees. He bought about 10 plants of HR-99 variety and when the horticulture department got to know about this, Balaji was supported technically.

The horticulture department also provided another 300 plants for Balaji’s three acres while Hyderabad based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology provided all the assistance in growing the crop.

Now that the apples are fully grown, he has sent a box of Telangana apples to horticulture department and requested them to send them to Telangana CM KCR. Learning about this, KCR is said to have called on Balaji and expressed his willingness to personally meet him.

In a day or two, CM KCR will be able to taste the first grow in Telangana apples. This will also enable KCR to go ahead with his agenda of ‘What farmers should grow when to ensure demand for agriculture produce.’

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