Covid: Woman Returns Home After Family Performs Last Rites

In a shocking incident, a woman who was assumed dead, came back home days after the family performs her last rites and memorial service.

70-year-old Muthyala Girijamma was admitted at Government general hospital in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, for covid treatment on May 12. Her husband Gaddayya would regularly visit her, but on May 15, he could not find her in her ward.

When inquired, he was told she must have passed away due to Covid. He was handed over a wrapped body of an elderly woman. The man took the body to his village and performed last rites on the same day, without even seeing the face for the last time, fearing covid infection.

On May 23, Girijamma-Gaddayya’s son Ramesh Muthyala succumbed to Covid in a Khamma district hospital. The family organized rituals and memorial services for both Girijamma and Ramesh on June 1. To the shock of everyone, Girijamma returned the next day.

Girijamma was very much upset and disappointed that no one came to take her home after recovery. She was given Rs 3000 by the hospital to return home.