I Too Got Corona. I Had Only Paracetemol: KCR

Last year during the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, Telugu states CMs KCR and YS Jagan comments drew national attention. KCR added that Paracetamol tablet is enough to tackle the virus while Jagan said bleaching powder can kill the virus. Both KCR and Jagan were trolled on social media mercilessly.

Telangana CM KCR has once again recited the same ‘Paracetamol’ dialogue. Going into details, KCR paid the foundation stone for a super-speciality hospital in Warangal on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, KCR added that Warangal should have far better medical facilities compared to Hyderabad and this hospital construction should be completed within one and half year time.

Then KCR talked about the current pandemic. “A lot of misinformation is being spread on Covid-19. There is no medicine for it yet. I too tested positive for the virus and recovered from it. I just took the Paracetamol suggested by the doctors,” said KCR.

The latest comment from KCR has once again made it to the headlines. But the fact is Covid-19 comes with various symptoms and specified medicine is required to deal with the symptom. So Paracetamol is not the only medicine to recover from Covid-19.