Turito- Crafting Academic Progress To Perfection

The whole process of test prep for examinations such as SAT and ACT can be quite cumbersome- not just for the students but also for the parents. Starting the test prep that includes gaining confidence in the subject, doing practice tests, and step-by-step guidance can look very challenging to address. The right prioritization of tasks to be done first becomes the need of the hour. Students and parents alike lose direction and focus because of these hardships that come almost all at once.

Managing time, the right way for the test prep alone is not the only big hurdle. In order to get into top schools and the Ivy League colleges such as Stanford, Harvard and Yale- a higher SAT score is quite necessary, but it is just the beginning. The students have to present an impressive overall application and profile to increase their chances of getting into the Ivy Leagues.

The overall abilities, preferences and choices of applying for a college differ and they are in need of a customized program that offers tailor-made guidance for the test prep. To know more about Turito, click on www.turito.com.

After spending time in the test prep and getting a desirable score, the parents and students still have a lot to do in terms of profile building, college applications and boost confidence- and for this, a dedicated guidance is required. Turito understands these challenges and aims to address the current gaps in the field of learning and getting the best quality education.

Turito is a versatile e-learning platform that offers test prep for students preparing for SAT, ACT and Foundation Courses as well. But the company does not focus just on achieving higher scores, but also on providing professional assistance until the student gets the dream admission into the Ivy League.

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As per the founder Mr. Uday Reddy’s vision that says:

“I envision bringing resourceful academic excellence to every student by an ideal amalgamation of expert tutors and technology with customized curriculum. Creating a level-playing field where every student can get an immersive learning experience that increases the chances of getting into the Ivy League is my ultimate goal. I strongly believe in preparing the students much earlier in the process to make their journey hurdle-free.”

Turito is your ultimate gateway to reach the Ivy League featuring Live Interactive classes taught by experienced faculty who are dedicated to churn out the academic prowess in the students. The platform has the top 2% of the leading faculty who are extremely dedicated to give timely guidance for the students to excel in their career graph.

With a strong belief in hassle-free learning, the company also features the two-teacher model that makes sure that the students clear their doubts while they are in the class. In today’s world of convenience and virtual learning, Turito offers personalized learning where the student can learn at their own pace by accessing the coursework.

Tailored curriculum and meticulously crafted study material is also offered for the students to score higher in SAT, ACT and Foundation Courses as well. Practice tests are quite crucial to acing the competitive examinations and Turito clearly understands its importance. Providing access to the practice tests, Turito’s courses are designed exclusively for each student to suit their individual aspirations.

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With their busy schedules and too many things on their plate to attend to, the parents struggle to know about their child’s progress during the preparation until they get admission in the dream top school/Ivy League of their choice. The parent tracking app is a unique initiative launched by the company to keep the parents updated about their child’s progress, in a detailed manner.

The company aims to make the student extremely confident by the time they write their SAT, and by guiding the students in the earlier stages of their educational journey, the chances of getting into the Ivy League are greatly improved. Turito aims to bring a strong foundation to the student at the earlier stages itself- to keep them as well as the parents stress-free by the time of examination and college applications.

Counseling services in the US are particularly expensive and not many parents can think of choosing it- because it costs heavy on the pocket. Turito addresses this issue as well by providing professional counselling for the students to not just boost their confidence along with aiding them to reach to the ultimate destination- the Ivy Leagues.

Along with test prep guidance, Turito’s exquisite team of experts make doubly sure about building the best profile, putting up a fantastic application that gives the right take-off point for a fulfilling career. With their long years of experience and success stories of getting the Ivy League admissions for hundreds of students, the experts make the college admission road much easier to take. As they say, timing of tasks can make or break a career- Turito strongly focuses on giving valuable insights and guidance to the student by empowering them with all the tools required to ace the exam, and get into the Ivy League.

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Turito takes the student on a journey from being a passionate aspirant to an achiever- with their passionate vision to make learning a relish-worthy experience. It crafted the art of test prep with scrupulous research and featuring such tutors who are dedicated to make the entire admission process free of obstacles.

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