College Admissions Prep 101: A Webinar With An Edge

College admissions is a tough nut to crack especially with so many options available all around. It’s an equal challenge both for the parents as well as the students to understand where to start with. The biggest trouble that comes in is- how to start with the college admission process. To add it up, many colleges adopt their unique ways of selecting a student. This has led to a lack of the right guidance for the parents and students about the process altogether.

In the times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, getting the right guidance in person has become almost impossible. As a result, a lot of parents and students are concerned about how to go about the admission process and various queries relating to SAT.

The ideal time to start planning for college admissions has become a big worrisome thought for parents and students. Choosing the right college can be a daunting task and there is a need for a clear-cut roadmap for making the admission process much easier and effortless.

To address this gap, Turito has come up with an informative webinar series that is aimed at helping out parents and students in the college admission process. Coming to the company, this fantastic e-learning platform provides state-of-the-art e-learning services for students in the US, Middle East, Australia, and in a global arena for students to crack SAT exams.

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College Admissions Prep 101 webinar is the first in this series and is aimed at answering not just these questions but many more queries that are a big concern for parents and students. Featuring two expert speakers Mr. Uday Reddy, the founder of YuppTV and Turito, and Ms. Soujanya who has ample experience in college admissions in the US, the webinar is going to give excellent guidance to the attendees.

The webinar will be an ideal platform to get a thorough understanding of college admissions, and the challenges that might come up during the same. With so much information present on the internet and the media, the parents and students worry about how to go about this process. College Admissions 101 will give a perfect solution for all such needful concerns.

Some of the most important aspects covered by the webinar will be:

1.The right time to apply for college admissions

  1. In-depth details about all the documents to be carried by the students for college admissions
  2. Prepare for standardized tests and how the students should approach the tests.
  3. Choosing the right major
  4. Details about extra-curricular activities and the priority that needs to be given

Along with these topics, the webinar will also clear some of the common myths about the admissions, such as the right application process, ideal test scores, essay writing, and many more. Many of the students and teachers get confused about the whole process and end up making a wrong step.

Join us at College Admissions Prep 101 to get a thorough idea about College Admissions in the US. This webinar is a part of a series of webinars exclusively designed by Turito to give professional career guidance and make the process of college admissions effortlessly simple!

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