Second Phase of #IPL2021: BCCI sets strict rules!

The 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) received an unexpected break due to a couple of players getting tested positive for Covid-19. The cricket league will resume next month but in UAE. However, this time the BCCI is in no mood to take any chances and accordingly it has come up with new rules that are strict and every franchise, player and support staff must follow them without fail.

The first and primary rule is, the ball will be replaced if it is hit for a six. If the ball reaches the stand, it would be immediately sanitized by on-field umpires but if it goes out of the stadium, a new ball will be provided. This new rule will be tough for the balling side but BCCI opines that the ball might catch the virus. There is no concrete evidence that virus may contact the ball yet the BCCI is very cautious.

The second is, prohibiting players from spitting on the ground. The BCCI has decided to provide tissue papers to every player and even the chewing gum should be folded in a tissue and players should carefully drop them in the dustbin.

The third is, the players are prohibited from sharing water bottles and other drinks. Every player will be provided their own bottle and energy drinks will also be prepared for him in their individual bottles. All the bottles will have labels of players’ names.

The fourth is players are restricted from using restaurants, café and locker rooms. These will be provided by the hotel management. The BCCI is coordinating with the hotels that provide the best facility in view of Covid-19.

These are the main rules set and the BCCI sent out clear directions to franchises and players. Breaching of them would invite unnecessary troubles and BCCI is likely to take a call if any unwanted incident is reported.

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