Corona India: Over 9K Cases In 24 Hrs

Corona India

India has witnessed the biggest spike of Corona positive cases ever since outbreak. In the last 24 hours, 9304 cases have been reported and this is for the first time that the cases mark has crossed nine thousands in a single day. 260 people have died in the last 24 hours.

The alarming situation here is the positive cases have doubled in the last 15 days and the deaths rate too has doubled in the last 17 days.

In the death tally, India achieved a feat by crossing 6000 mark. The total Corona cases in India stand at 2,16,919 while the death count is 6075. In the death count, India has jumped a place up from thirteenth place to twelfth. The active cases among the two lakhs are 1,06,737 while 1,04,107 people have recovered from the virus.

Yesterday in Telangana, 129 new cases were reported while the total cases count has cross 3000 mark. 99 people have died of Corona virus in Telangana.

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