India Donates 113 cr To International Vaccine Alliance

India on Thursday pledged to donate USD 15 million (more than 113 crore rupees) to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement in this regard during a virtual Global Vaccine Summit hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which over 50 countries – business leaders, UN agencies, civil society, government ministers, heads of state and country leaders participated.

Modi referred GAVI, calling it global solidarity but not just a global alliance. Modi stressed that India stands in solidarity with the world along with its proven capacity to produce quality medicines and vaccines at low cost, its own domestic experience in rapidly expanding immunization, and its considerable scientific research talent, the statement said.

India is one of the top contenders in developing the vaccine for the COVID-19 and the US President mentioned that he is working with the Indian government in developing it.

India has a vast population and limited health facilities and that it understands the importance of immunization, he said. Modi recalls launching Mission Indradhanush, which aims to ensure full vaccination of the country’s children and pregnant women, including those in the remote parts of the country.

Source: (ANI)