Fact Check: Love & Marriage In Chhota Bheem Are False

The other day, it went viral with #JusticeForChutki, about seeking justice for Chutki from the most-watched cartoon show Chhota Bheem, as it was speculated that Chhota Bheem left Chutki for Rajkumari Indumati.

Now the showmakers Green Gold Animation thanked all for the love they are showing on the Chhota Bheem show but condemned the memes and news on love and marriage between the characters in the show.

The characters in the show including Chhota Bheem, Chutki, and Indumati are still kids and the viral news stating the characters got married is false. The show makers asked everyone to let our favorite kids be children only and let us not bring love and marriage into their innocent lives. True that!

So it would be good that everyone stops speculating love, marriage, and gold-digging into the innocent characters who are most loved by all.

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