Watch: Sunday-Funday at Tank Bund

Traffic Free Tank Bund on Sunday initiative by the GHMC in collaboration with HMDA is a runaway hit. Every Sunday from 5 PM to 10 PM, the traffic on Sunday was blocked and some fun events for the city people were hosted.

Last Sunday had multiple entertainment events such as Laser Show, traditional folk artists displayed their talent for the visitors while the India Army’s Ceremonial Bagpiper Band performed Live at Tank Bund. Food and accessories stalls were placed and apart from this, the HMDA distributed saplings for free of cost to the visitors.

These events have garnered a super response from the visitors and as a result a large crowd gathering happened. As the Hyderabad Traffic Police and HMDA took adequate measures in view of Covid-19, all the visitors, cops and performers were spotted with masks.

Pictures and videos of Laser show and other cultural events were widely shared on social media and received a lot of likes, comments and views. The ‘Sunday-Funday’ at Tank Bund is likely to get more people in the coming days and in that view, the officials would have to extend the timing and spread it across till Necklace road.

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