The Luckiest Dog Has The Entire Business Class By Owner

All dog-lovers have certain things in common. But the love this man has for his pet dog is beyond our imagination. In a first of its kind incident, a proud dog owner booked an entire business class cabin of an Air India flight for his pet to travel in luxury. 

And we can already visualize how well this angelic fur friend would have curdled up or happily dozed away without any people around. On Wednesday morning, the dog boarded the Air India flight AI-671 and the owner unhesitatingly spent Rs 2.5 lakh plus for the two-hour-long flight from Mumbai to Chennai. 

As we know, a business class seat on Air India Mumbai-Chennai flight would be somewhere around Rs 20,000. It is learnt that the owner who booked the J-class cabin on Air India A320 aircraft has 12 seats and his pet had flown in luxury.

Air India is the only Indian airline that allows pets to travel in the passenger cabin and we often see passengers flying along with their pets, however, this is the first time that an entire business cabin was booked for a dog. The usual sight is the passengers with pets are given the last row seats but this lucky pet is enjoying an affluent life, thanks to its owner.

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