US: AMC Theaters Reopening, No Face Masks Required

AMC Theatres is reopening this summer at almost 500 locations in the US and the theatre chain won’t require customers to wear face masks during their visit. AMC CEP Adam Aron said they did not want to be drawn into a political controversy by asking customers to wear masks.

The CEO also said it might be counterproductive if they force mask-wearing on those people who strongly believe that it is not necessary. The masks are however available for $1 and wearing is mandated for the employees.

The competitors Cinemark and Regal also are making mask-wearing completely voluntary in areas where they are not required. AMC is planning to start the reopen on July 15 and the CEO said they think that a vast majority of AMC guests will be wearing masks.

AMC announced it will be showing new releases along with the classic movies that are most popular and loved. Almost all the AMC theatres will be opened by the July end and the chain is planning to welcome guests with highly anticipated MULAN from Disney and Warner Brothers release of Christopher Nolan’s TENET.

While the indoor areas and air conditioning are considered high-risk envir While the indoor areas and air conditioning are considered high-risk environments for the coronavirus transmission, the drive-in theatres are attracting many moviegoers in the COVID-19 season. Now, with the popular theatre chains are reopening with promising safety measures and comfort to guests, it has to be seen if theatres would be attracting audience like before.