Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine In Final Stage

The vaccine being prepared by the Oxford University to check the spread of Coronavirus has reached the final stage. With results being positive so far, efforts are on to release the vaccine by October, according to Jenner Institute director Prof. Adrian Hill, heading the project.

The vaccine, CgAdOx1 nCoV-19 prepared by OU was tested on chimpanzees and the results were encouraging, he said, while addressing a webinar with the Spanish Society of Rheumatology. Prof. Hill said that they would declare the results by the end of August or September and bring the product into the market by October.

Clinical trials being conducted with the help of British drugs giant AstraZeneca are underway on volunteers in Brazil. It is pertinent to note that Oxford is the first to announce that it is in the final stage in the race for Coronavirus vaccine.

In the last state, the OU team will test on how effective the vaccine is on SARS CoV-2. As many as 2,000 volunteers from South Africa took part in the clinical trials while in Britain, over 4,000 volunteers got registered for testing the vaccine on them.

In Britain, Business Secretary Alok Varma was the first to take the vaccine shot of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca is readying to produce 30 million vaccine doses and release them into the market.

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