US: Covid-19 Parties By Students To Spread Virus


The United States of America is the worst hit country of the Covid-19. So far 2.8 million people have got infected of the virus and 1.32 Lakh people have died. Yet the Trump government or respective states did not impose any norms for the people. Still a majority of Americans are stepping out without wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Now a bizarre episode has hit the headlines as students are organizing parties to spread the virus further. This incident is reported in Tuscaloosa city of western Alabama. A bunch of students who reportedly hail from University of Alabama held ‘Covid-19 parties’ and people who already tested positive of the virus are the main invitees of the event. Further the main motto of this event is to spread the virus and the ones who get infected of Covid-19, would be given a huge prize money.

This is a pathetic act and when the officials learned about the parties, they did not believe it. But they did their research and found that such parties have happened in the recent times. There is a huge uproar on the social media when this news broke out while the authorities have laid their eyes on such parties.

Seems like, the students have completely lost their senses in crisis times. What a pity!!

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